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It was a sad day when the news reported that the respected video game development company “Wario Ware Incorporated” went out of business due to shortage in personal.

In totally unrelated news, video game company Walve has begun looking for indie developers with their new business practice: “Early Backstage”.

The C.E.O. of Walve, Waluigi Newahl, had the following to say “Waluigi likes this, do more of it”.

So sometimes we make efforts to make games.

This is the result of Me providing the graphics, 128-up providing the battle plans and level design and a friend (named Geist) providing the gameplay and programming.

Ain’t it Neato?

Get it here if you’re interested

Just a forewarning, it’s a platform hell (my friends seems to be interested in those) that is by no means completed…or professional, so expect a lot of my messing around with jokes in the game and stuff. We ARe very much amateurs at this :V

(not the programmer though, he knows what he is doing).



You still have to fill in the black parts manually though, i think that’s called a “beta”.

If Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun is to be believed (and…it probably is since it is a parody anime/manga made by a shoujo artist against herself), they also do this for the common manga effects like the Bishie sparkle or the love bubbles of cute.

Take that with a grain of salt though, I’m only going by what I’ve seen.



Anonymous asked:

Why doesn't doctor Light have his own fortress? I mean Cossack has his own and he's not an evil scientist bent on conquering the world, so no reason for Light to not have his. Unless Cossack's fortress was built by Wily and he was like "here you go, your new home, you're gonna live here from now on".


A good question.  That might be the reason for Cossack’s Citadel perhaps.  Either that or he just has a flair for the dramatic or more money to burn or something, who can say?  Dr. Light’s never really NEEDED a fortress per se, though… it probably could have prevented at least some of Dr. Wily’s activities…

Cossack was pretending to be the bad guy, so he probably needed the citadel to do that, since that’s wily’s way of doing things. As for Dr.Light…

While the labs might appear puny from the outside. They Hold a LOT more stuff on the inside.

Oh boy i have been tagged by this guy right here: 128-up

and now I’m contractually obligated to do this charade, because internet says so.

Name: I’m not giving my full name guys, just so you know, it’s standard internet rules, you know.

Nickname: I’m often refered to as Neo and GandWatch (it is read as G[ame] and Watch people, not Gand Watch), though sometimes i am the Art Guy.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: I have no frikken’ clue, i normally don’t pay attention to these sort of things.

Time zone: UTC

Current time and date: 21:42 pm, September 14th 2014.

Average hours of sleep per night: normally, 6 to 8 hours, it gets reduced if i have school days.

OTPs Prefered Duos: Because, being honest, JUST calling it OTPs for the sake of sloppy make outs is boring to me, i like it when there’s other kind of relationships involved on the deal, such as friendship, family (parenthood or brother and sister kind of deals) or others that are just plain silly.

After a LOT of writing these things down, I’d much rather show than tell, a lot of them can be found through my art anyway, so what’s the point.

The last thing I Googled: A search for the dancing fairies from Humanity has declined, these guys do a jolly jig that is hypnotic, i swear.

First word that comes to mind: not a word, but a song, for some reason, i have flat zone on the head.

One place that makes me happy and why: Disneyland…what? it’s the happiest place on earth, just not the cheapest.
Okay, in all honesty, it’s probably home.

Number of blankets I sleep under: Why do you care.

Favourite beverage: though call, but i personally find myself drinking chocolate milk a lot. I’m not one for beers.

Last movie I saw in the cinema: i THINK it was the tim burton’s version of alice in wonderland, which even then i thought it wasn’t AS good as the original, my opinion on it has become less and less enthusiastic over the years…specially since i ALREADY have a gritty take of Alice in wonderland in Madness Returns and American McGee’s Alice.

Three things I can’t live without: Air, Food and Water.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Joking aside (even though i joke 80% of the time), i truly do belive that any and all ideas, no matter how bizarre or down to eath they might be, can work if sufficent work has been put into it, i mean, look at franchises like mario (a plumber rescues a princess from a fire breathing turtle in a world that just doesn’t make sense, but we don’t question it) or sonic (a blue hedgehog with super speed and his bunch of animal friends of assorted abilities and powers foils the plans of a mad scientis in the shape of an egg trying to take over the world and make it a theme park) and you’ll see what i mean, if you can imagine it: go for it, just make sure you put a LOT of effort into your idea.

You have to listen to this song: I’d be here all day if i put a full list of songs i like, but hey, i can at least recommend to listen to the songs of those games related to the smash series (specially EarthBound, Sonic, Kirby, and other good stuff in the series), skullgirls, persona, awesomenauts, touhou and other good stuff, i try to put some good songs in here sometimes, but hey.

My blog(s): You’re already in it kiddo, it is MOSTLY an art-blog, but i do reblog stuff from time to time, if i don’t post art though, it’s probably because I’m busy with other stuff or have an art block, apologizes.

Tagging: i tag you, yes, you, the person reading this thing. No, i’m not joking, I’m indeed talking to you. Stop eating that sandwich or whatever you’re doing and start typing now.

I demand it, and so shall it be.

(except not because i’m not a jerk, i’m a troll, but not a jerk).

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